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Dr. Morales has been in private practice for over 20 years, and his latest practice is Revive MD teaching patients how to be more proactive with their health in a world of reactive medicine. He first discovered his passion for the holistic care approach when he started these practices with himself over 20 years ago. He felt so much better, lost weight gained more muscle mass, felt happier and reversed what would have been diabetes if he didn't take action proactively.

When he started his own program with his own health, he knew he had to do this with his own patients.

Dr Morales specializes in Pain and Addiction, and when he saw his patients, he realized they were experiencing so many side effects from the mainstream medication, substance use along with lifestyles that were making them worse. Even though insurance would not cover these services he knew he had to start ordering bloodwork to take a deeper look as to why patients weren't feeling well. When he looked at the bloodwork, he started treating the root cause of their symptoms, such as hormonal issues, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic issues and extreme inflammation. By addressing these issues, he was able to start helping patients feel better. 

The patients that he saw suffered with pain & addiction, he was able to help them lose weight, reduce inflammation, balance their hormones and make them have less pain, reduce their medications and lessen their likelihood of relapse. All by taking the time to treat the root cause of their issues that insurance and mainstream medicine does not recognize. He was helping people transform their mind and body.

He realized quickly that he has helped so many people in his clinic that were suffering of pain and addiction, he knew he wanted to help others that suffer with similar symptoms. The symptoms of anxiety, depression weight gain, low energy, low libido etc..

In 2019 he met Elizabeth Collins who is an entrepreneur with a background in business management, personal training and nutrition. Her biggest passion at the time was helping people get their health back through fitness and nutrition. Although she had success with her clients, she knew there was more to it than just calories in - calories out & exercise. When she met Dr Morales, she knew he was the missing piece to her client's success, and Dr Morales felt the same about her services.


They decided to put their talents together and open a small location in the cities to help patients/clients with a multi-faceted approach to attacking their health and reaching their goals once and for all. Its been 4 years since they have opened and have helped hundreds of people completely transform their lives.

Together, Dr Morales & Elizabeth are confident they can help reduce these symptoms, anxiety, depression, weight gain, muscle loss, low energy, low libido etc.. by taking a look at the root cause of how your body is functioning & giving you a detailed plan to move forward with a sustainable lifestyle for busy men and women. When your primary care says that your bloodwork levels are normal, but you still don't feel well, that's where Revive MD comes in.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms and are ready to take action on your life, please contact us for a free consultation with Sam to see if your a good candidate to see Dr Morales.



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